Information to press regarding HBO Nordic’s handling of press contact’s personal data

In our press register at HBO Nordic we are saving contact details (personal data) about our press contacts – including name, email-address, phone number, media or company, postal address and web/social media addresses – to be able to service you with relevant press information (such as press releases, press newsletters and invitations).

We have gathered this contact information either from you directly or from public sources. We apply current privacy laws in all handling of personal data. Our legal basis in handling your personal data is based upon our knowledge of your interest in editorial reporting on our operation, within known media channels. Your personal data will be saved by us for as long as we monitor you being active in reporting on our operation, or until you advise us to unsubscribe you from our list. To do so, either contact your local HBO Nordic PR-representative (contact details in previous page) or simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE-function in a press release sent to you from us.

The personal data we save about you will never be shared with anyone outside HBO Nordic’s Press Department. We could share your details with a third part if we by law enforcement are obliged to. However, we will never share your details with a country outside the EU.

You have the right to contact us and require what information we have saved about you, to request change, transmit or require limitation of saved details, to object or to require deletion of your records. The easiest way to do so is to contact your local HBO Nordic PR-representative. You can also contact our Data Security Officer Benedict Delrue at Shall you have any complains on how we are handling your personal data, you have the right to contact and file a complaint with your local Supervising Authority of Data Inspection.

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